Zhukoven.com dynamo package update brings Navisworks SearchSet XML creator

An updated version of my Dynamo nodes package (rev.2017.6.2) is now live at Dynamopackages.com. This version contains the Dynamo node that builds a Navisworks search set XML from the input data:


Based on the original code by Luke Johnson from What Revit Wants (Bakery package), this node gives you the freedom in Navisworks XML file creation. You’re able to specify the Navisworks Search Set name & group, and choose which Navisworks parameter you’re going to use. This XML file stores data in the structured way that could be easily read by Navisworks. This means that you can use the power of Dynamo to automate your Navis searches, and even set the rules that couldn’t be otherwise done without workarounds.

Below I’ll show you the sample Dynamo graph that you can use to build your Navisworks search set, not even launching Navisworks:


As you can see, there are some inputs that you could play with:

  • RevitDataset – input list of values, like Revit element ids.
  • SearchSetName and SearchSetGroup – these are the names for your search sets in Navisworks:


  • XMLfile – this is basically an input for the File Path node, where you should type in something like “Filename.xml”. The file would be created after the script execution. If the file already exists, it would be overwritten.
  • NavisPropertiesTab and NavisParameter – these are the names from the Navisworks element properties window (parameter and tab names to map your RevitDataset).

Please note: don’t use this node in Automatic mode. Always save your Revit & Navisworks models, and don’t forget to backup your XML files before each run!

Download sample Dynamo graph here: Dynamo_CreateNavisworksSearchXML (tested under Revit 2016+ and Dynamo 1.3.0).

Download an updated package here: Zhukoven.com_(Rev.2017.6.2) or using default Dynamo package manager.


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