Getting some data from Revit shared parameters with Dynamo

I recently ran into an issue with shared parameters that have the same name but different GUIDs. This happens when somebody creates the new shared parameter instead of using an existing one. And the difference between parameters’ GUIDs is a huge problem: Revit knows that these parameters are not the same by looking at the GUID.

Revit does not show parameter GUID unless you export this parameter to the txt file. And this may be a problem if you have tons of shared parameters loaded to the project.

So I thought that it would be a good idea to build a Dynamo script for reporting some information about shared parameters. Firstly I queried unique Ids for the shared parameters:

SharedParameters UniuqueId

Turns out, these Ids are not the GUIDs that I was looking for. This could be checked by opening the shared parameters txt file. That’s why I built a couple of custom nodes using the Revit API to extract data from shared parameters:

SharedParameters package update

The first one (called “SharedParameters.GUID“) extracts names and GUIDs from the shared parameters in the Revit project. These are the GUIDs that could be found in the shared parameters.txt file.

The second one (called “SharedParameters.Info“) extracts type, group, and unit type from shared parameters in the Revit project. This data may be useful for managing parameters (like sorting / grouping) in Dynamo.

Shared parameters nodes are included in the recent package update (2018.9.21 – see the downloads section).


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5 thoughts on “Getting some data from Revit shared parameters with Dynamo”

  1. Hi. Nice Post.

    I need your guidance to export shared parameters from project and family environment into new text file because I missed the existing one.
    After seeing your post I hope it possible to do batch export of shared parameters into text file with respective groups


    1. Hello Karikalan,

      Thanks for your feedback. It seems to be possible to build a txt shared parameters file with Dynamo. But I need to work on the file structure, so that Revit reads it without errors. I’ll get back as soon as I have a working solution.


  2. thanks so much for this. Do you know if there is a way to change the Parameter Category of the Shared Parameter using Dynamo? For some reason, sometimes loading in a family into a project for the first time the category that the shared parameter is in becomes “stuck” and cannot change. The only way to resolve this is to change the shared parameter category in the family and load it into a brand new project. This is not ideal when managing a Revit template.


  3. Nevermind I solved my own problem. If a Shared Parameter in a family is “stuck” to a category, then the way to change the category is the load the Shared Parameter as a Project Parameter, then choose the desired category (such as “Text” or “Model Properties” or “Identity Data”) and choose the appropriate family category. Then once you’re done, you can remove the parameter from the project. Magic.


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